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1 Cubic foot unit with brine well

UV Sanitizer

UV Sanitizer

Protects home from Bacteriological presence.

Iron and pH

Iron and pH

Combination System

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis

Drinking water



A 2 Cubic Foot Unit.


LWG_Brita Pro_Jacketed Filter_2_Right (2)_edited.png

Acidity largely affects most of our water quality. If The pH is not addressed, it's nearly impossible to treat or filter your water to optimal conditions.

UV Sanitizer

UV Filter-Sanitizer-Bacterial Filter

This is the most effective way to eliminate bacteria and pathogens from contaminating your water. High powered ultra violent rays penetrate these contaminants, sterilizing the  water and neutralizing pathogens.

Iron Filters

Iron Filter-Iron Softener-Iron Removal

Ferrous and Ferric Iron is a common element in our Earth. Your well has likely entered an area of this Clear Iron or Red Iron condition. Depending on your homes water and specific condition, WE HAVE A SOLUTION!

Softener Systems

LWG_Brita Pro_Jacketed Softener_1_Left_Brine.png

Hard water can damage your pipes and appliances. Like a plaque build up, this condition can affect flow rate, create stains and deposits, and reduce the feel and effectiveness of water and cleaning products.

Sediment & Turbidity Filters


Like the tides of the oceans, your water levels rise and fall. This creates turbulence that stirs up silt and sediments. Your home plumbing system is not designed to operate well with these introduced conditions. Turbidity filters or properly placed inline cartridge filters can help save and increase the life of your investment.

Reverse Osmosis Systems


Water is life. Most of our bodies are made up of H2O and most health statements would suggest drinking 1 oz of water for every lb of body weight each day. Using an RO system at a point of use is not only more sustainable, it hasn't been stored in a plastic bottle. Fresh water will always be at your fingertips.

Carbon & Aeration Filters

Aeration Filter

Do you have an undesirable smell or taste to your water? Maybe you live in town or have a community treatment plant? Your water may have off-gases or volatile chemicals. Whether you're on a well and have sulfur gases or public utilities, carbon filters or advanced multi-media filters may be the answer.

RO Systems
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