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Water Testing and Consultation

A site evaluation should always begin with a water test. Our standard first site evaluation will include a quality, multi-parameter water test and full interpretation of results. Standard on-site testing will include pH, Hardness, Iron, Chlorine, Total Dissolved Solids, Conductivity, Salinity, Nitrates, Nitrites, Manganese and a water sample for bacteriological testing of Total Coliform and Fecal E. Coli. In addition to this report, you will receive a water systems evaluation and feasibility report based on inspection. We also inspect and test operations of existing water filter systems and conditioners. AquaTech gives Homeowners, Contractors and Businesses the highest care and attention to every detail.


System Installation

We install a variety of Filtration Systems to improve your water quality.  Contact us today for a site evaluation and report.


Filtration System Servicing & Maintenance

Not sure what you have? Need help with an existing system? We offer complete service and maintenance of all water filter and conditioning systems. Do you want to know if your current system is working? Get it tested!

Water Testing
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